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The Air Locking Differential provides normal differential action on the highway, maintaining safe, predictable handling. Once off the road, with the simple push of a button, the Air Locking Differentials lock the axles together providing 100% traction to all wheels allowing you to safely traverse even the most difficult terrain. The ARB air locking differential system is supplied as a complete kit. There are 3 different models available for the Jimny, the rear locker and 2 models for the front (8 or 10 bolt). The fast recovery ARB Air Compressor (sold seperatly) features industrial grade control switches, air lines and fittings. The S0202046 compressor also acts as an ideal accessory in its own right, perfect for inflating tyres, air beds and a host of other applications where compressed air is required.The new compact compressor S0202047 is an lightweigth competition version.</p>