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The 4,16 kit comes with 3 gears, oil, gaskets, counter shaft and bearings. For the Samurai/SJ413, this kit produces a 12,2% hi range reduction, 84% low range and for the Jimny it produces a 20% hi range reduction, 94% low range. Recommended for those who want to run 30″ tall tires. There are several different options on this gear set. S0202002: customer need to hand in the original Samurai cluster gear. S0202034: customer obtains to hand in NO gears. S0202035 : complete rebuild 4,16 T-case, this Samurai T-case has the brand new 4,16 gears already installed together with new gaskets, bearings and counter shaft. Customer need to hand his own samurai/sj413 T-case. To install the 4.16 samurai T-case under the Jimny you need the Jimny T-case conversion kit.
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