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The 4.5inch suspension kit is the most complete suspension kit available for your Jimny! The deluxe kit includes 4 coils, 4 shocks, 2 adjustable panhard bars, brakelines, front + rear HD correction radius arms, rear bolt on brackets, rear bumpstops, driveline spacers, adjustable front bumpstops, press out kit. The HD correction radius arms correct castor after lifting your Jimny. The rear bolt on brackets are designed to correct also the angle during lifting of the lower rear shock mounts. These brackets prevent broken shock-eyes during off-road. The low budget version is available without shocks or you can obtain for the RS5000 or RS9000 shocks. There is also a remote control available for the RS9000 shocks. The kit comes with complete installation instructions. The radius arms are specially designed to make installation possible of your own radius arms bushings. These bushings are not included in the kit. Front HD coils are available for the ARB bumper + winch equipped Jimny.</p>